Pandanus Project - Sanskrit Texts, Indian Plants Database, Pandanus Publications Series
Indian Plants Database
More than 4000 plant names of almost 400 species in 8 languages.
For each plant name, you can display further details including the plant's description. Two types of encoding are supported (ASCII, Unicode).
The development of this part of the project was made possible by the generous funding of the Grant Agency of Charles University.
Contributions to international workshops and seminars held in Prague and Milano. The series include the following publications: Pandanus '98: Flowers, Nature, Semiotics - Kavya and Sangam, Pandanus 2000: Natural Symbolism in Indian Literatures, Pandanus '01: Research in Indian Classical Literature, Pandanus '02, Nature in Indian Literatures and Art...
Sanskrit Texts
Browse our searchable collection of Sanskrit electronic texts. At the present moment, it contains 37 Kavya and Subhashita texts (more than 5MB of data). Various types of fonts / encodings are supported, including ASCII, Unicode, CSX+ and several other fonts.
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