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 Plant namearjuna
 Latin nameTerminalia arjuna (Roxb. ex DC) Wight & Arn. - please click to view full record
 Latin name (synonyms)Terminalia ovalifolia Rottl. ex C.B.Clarke, Terminalia berryi Wight & Arn., Pentaptera angustifolia Roxb., Pentaptera arjuna Roxb., Pentaptera glabra Roxb.
 Sanskrit namearjuna, kakubha
 Prakrit namekakubha
 Hindi namearjun, kāhū, kahuā
 Bengali namearjun
 Tamil nameāṟṟumarutu, nīrmarutu, veḷḷaimarutu, marutu
 Malayalam namenīrmarutu, marutu, veṇmarutu, āṟṟumarutu, puḻamatti
 English nameArjun, Arjuna myrobalan
 Search occurrencearjuna, kakubha, kakubha, in the Pandanus database of Sanskrit e-texts
 Encyclopedias &

Monier-Williams: A Sanskrit-English Dictionary (p. 90)
arjuna, mfn. (cf. ṛijra and √ raj) white, clear (the colour of the day, RV. vi, 9, 1; of the dawn, RV. i, 49, 3; of the lightning; of the milk; of silver, &c.); made of silver, AV. iv, 37, 4; as, m. the white colour, L.; a peacock, L.; cutaneous disease, Sāy. on RV. i, 122, 5; the tree Terminalia arjuna W. and A.; N. of a man, RV. i, 122, 5; of Indra, VS.; ŚBr.; of the third of the Pāṇḍava princes (who was a son of Indra and Kuntī), MBh. &c.; of a son of Kṛitavīrya (who was slain by Paraśurāma) ib.; of a Śākya (known as a mathematician); of different other persons; the only son of his mother, L.; (ī) f. a cow, MBh. xiii, 3596; a kind of serpent, (voc. arjuni) AV. ii, 24, 7; a procuress, bawd, L.; N. of Ushā (wife of Aniruddha), L.; of the river Bāhudā or Karatoyā, L.; (-nyau, or -nyas) f. du. or pl., N. of the constellation Phalgunī, RV. x, 85, 13; ŚBr.; (am) n. silver, AV. v, 28, 5 & 9; gold, L.; slight inflammation of the conjunctiva or white of the eye, Suśr.; a particular grass (used as a substitute for the Soma plant), PBr. &c.; (= rūpa) shape, Naigh.; (ās), m. pl. the descendants of Arjuna, Pāṇ. ii, 4, 66, Sch.

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