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 Plant nametvak
 Latin nameCinnamomum verum J.Presl - please click to view full record
 Latin name (synonyms)Cinnamomum zeylanicum Blume
 Sanskrit nametvak, dārusitā
 Hindi namedālcīni, dārucīni
 Tamil nameilavaṅkam, karuvā
 Malayalam nameilavaṅgam, elavaṅgam, kaṛuva, vayaṇa
 English nameCinnamon
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Monier-Williams: A Sanskrit-English Dictionary (p. 463)
tvac, f. skin (of men, serpents &c.), hide (of goats, cows &c.), RV. &c. (kRSNa), the black man', i, 130, 8); a cow's hide (used in pressing out the Soma), i, iii, ix, VS. xix, 82; a leather bag, RV. v, 33, 7; (fig. 'a cloud') i & ix; bark, rind, peel, RV. &c.; Cassia bark, VarBṛS. lxxvii, 6; 12; 24; 32; cinnamon, cinnamon tree, L.; a cover (of a horse), RV. viii, 1, 32; surface (of the earth), i, 145, 5; x, 68, 4, AV. vi, 21, 1 TBr. i, 5, 5, 4; with kRSNa or asiknī, 'the black cover', darkness, RV. ix, 41, 1 and 73, 5; a mystical N. of the letter ya, RāmatUp. i, 77.

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