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Crotalaria retusa L. in Pandanus database of Indian plant names
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  Crotalaria retusa L. details in Pandanus database of Indian plant names

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 Latin nameCrotalaria retusa L.
 Identified with (Skt)śaṇapuṣpī, śaṇaghaṇṭikā
 Identified with (Hin)khunkhuniyān
 Identified with (Tam)kilukiluppai
 Identified with (Mal)kilukiluppa, mātṛghātini, tantalakkoṭṭi, caṇa
 Botanical infoA robust undershrub 60 - 120 cm high, growing throughout India, numerous yellow flowers, fruits stalked pods, 15 - 20 seeds per pod, leaves oblanceolate-oblong, obtuse or retuse, glabrous above and silky pubescent beneath
 Search occurrenceśaṇapuṣpī, śaṇaghaṇṭikā, in the Pandanus database of Sanskrit e-texts
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 Encyclopedias &

Monier-Williams: A Sanskrit-English Dictionary (p. 1048)
śaṇaghaṇṭikā, f. Crotolaria of various species, L.

Monier-Williams: A Sanskrit-English Dictionary (p. 1048)
śaṇapuṣpī, f. Crotolaria Verrucosa, Car., Bhpr.

Tamil Lexicon, University of Madras (p. 934)
kilukiluppai: 1. Child's rattle; 2. Species of rattlewort as having, when ripe, seeds that rattle in the pod (a) rattlewort, m. sh., Crotalaria pulcherrima: (b) laburnum leaved rattlewort, m. sh., Crotalaria labrunifolia; 3. A copiously branching shrub with quadrangular stems, Crotalaria verucosa

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