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 Plant nametruṭī
 Latin nameElettaria cardamomum Maton - please click to view full record
 Sanskrit nameelā, truṭī
 Hindi nameelācī
 Tamil nameēlam
 Malayalam nameēlam, ciṟṟēlam
 English nameCardamom
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Monier-Williams: A Sanskrit-English Dictionary (p. 462)
truṭi, f. (Siddh.stry. 26) an atom (= 7 Reṇus, Lalit. xii, 176); a very minute space of time, MBh. i, 1292, Hariv. 9529, VarBṛS. ii, 0/1, Sūryas., BhP. iii, 11, 6; x; small cardamoms, Suśr. vi; doubt, L.; cutting, breaking, W.; loss, destruction, W.; breaking a promise, W.; N. of one of the mothers attending on Skanda, MBh. ix, 2635; see troTi. truṭī, f. = -Ti, L., Sch.

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