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 Plant namevitāna
 Latin nameMitragyna parvifolia Korth. - please click to view full record
 Latin name (synonyms)Stephegyne parvifolia S.Vidal
 Sanskrit namevitāna
 Hindi namekayim, kaḍḍam, kāṃgī
 Tamil namekaṭampai, nīrkkaṭampu, ciṉṉakkaṭampu
 Malayalam namevīmpu, nīrkkaṭampu, ṛōsu kaṭampu
 English nameKaim
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Monier-Williams: A Sanskrit-English Dictionary (p. 952)
vitāna 2, m. n. (for 1. see p. 950, col. 3) extension, great extent or quantity, mass, heap, plenty, abundance, Kāv., VarBṛS.; high degree, Bhartṛ.; manifoldness, variety, Gīt.; performance, accomplishment, development, growth, BhP.; an oblation, sacrifice, MBh., Śiś., BhP.; an awning, canopy, cover, MBh., Kāv. &c.; the separate arrangement of the three sacred fires or the separate fires themselves, GṛŚrS.; m. or n. (?) a partic. bandage for the head, Suśr.; (ā), f. N. of the wife of Sattrāyaṇa, BhP.; n. N. of a partic. metre or of a class of metres Piṅg., Sch., Col.; leisure, opportunity, L.; -kalpa, m. N. of a Pariśiṣṭa belonging to the Atharva-veda, Caraṇ.; -mUlaka n. the root of Andropogon Muricatus, L.; -vat, mfn. having a canopy or awning, Kum.

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