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 Plant namekumuda
 Latin nameNymphaea nouchali Burm.f. - please click to view full record
 Sanskrit namekumuda
 Hindi namekanvāl, kokka
 Tamil nameveḷḷāmpal, allittāmarai
 Malayalam nameāmpal
 English nameIndian water-lily
 Search occurrencekumuda, in the Pandanus database of Sanskrit e-texts
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Monier-Williams: A Sanskrit-English Dictionary (p. 292)
kumuda n. [[as], m., L.], 'exciting what joy', the esculent white water-lily (Nymphaea esculenta), AV. iv, 34, 5, Suśr., Śak. &c.; the red lotus (Nymphaea rubra), L.; m. camphor, Bhpr.; (in music) N. of a Dhruvaka; N. of a particular comet, VarBṛS.; of a Nāga, MBh., Ragh.; of an attendant of Skanda [MBh. ix, 2558] or of Vishṇu [BhP.]; of the elephant of the south-west or southern quarter, L.; of a Daitya, L.; of a son of Gada by Bṛihatī, Hariv. 9193; of a confidant of king Unmatt vanti, Rājat.; of a monkey-hero, MBh., R.; of a poet; of a pupil of Pathya, BhP. xii, 7, 2; of a mountain, BhP., VP.; of one of the smaller Dvīpas, VP.; ([ā]), f. a form of Durgā, BhP. x, 2, 12, MatsyaP.; the plant Gmelina arborea, L.; the plant Pistia stratiotes, L.; the plant Desmodium gangeticum, L.; the plant Grislea tomentosa, L.; another plant (commonly Kaṭphala), L.; ([ī]), f. the plant Kaṭphala (Myrica sapida); ([am]) n. camphor, L.; silver, L.

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