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 Plant nameguñjā
 Latin nameAbrus precatorius L. - please click to view full record
 Sanskrit nameguñjā
 Hindi nameguñcī, ratti, guñcācī
 Bengali nameratti, rati
 Tamil namekuntumani, karuṅkuṉṟi, kuṉṟi, cikaṇṭikai, pavaḷakkuṉṟi
 Malayalam namekunni
 English nameJequirity, Indian liquorice, Wild liquorice
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Monier-Williams: A Sanskrit-English Dictionary (p. 356)
guñja, m. humming ŚārṅgP.; (= guccha) a bunch, bundle, cluster of blossoms, nosegay L.; (ā) f. humming L.; a kettle-drum Bhaṭṭ. xiv, 2; Abrus precatorius (bearing a red and black berry which forms the smallest of the jeweller's weights) Suśr. VarBṛS. Pañcat.; the berry of Abrus precatorius (averaging about 1 5/16 grains troy) or the artificial weight called after it (weighing about 2 3/16 grains, = 1/5 Ādya-māshaka or Māshaka, = 3 or 2 barley-corns, = 4 grains of rice, = 2 grains of wheat L.; with physicians 7 Guñjās = 1 Mātha, with lawyers 7 1/2 Guñjās) Yājñ. iii, 273 Cāṇ. VarBṛS.; a kind of plant with a poisonous root Suśr. v, 2, 3; (= gañjā) a tavern L.; reflection, meditation L.

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