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 Plant namesurasā
 Latin nameOcimum tenuiflorum L. - please click to view full record
 Latin name (synonyms)Ocimum sanctum L.
 Sanskrit nametulasī, surasā
 Hindi nametulsī, kālatulsī
 Tamil namekāruttuḷaci, tuḷaci
 Malayalam namekṛṣṇattuḷaci, tuḷaci, tṛttāvu, kaṛuttatṛttāvu
 English nameHoly basil, Sacred basil
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Monier-Williams: A Sanskrit-English Dictionary (p. 1232)
surasa, mf(ā)n. rich in water, Bhām.; well-flavoured, juicy, sapid, savoury, R., VarBṛS., Vās.; sweet, lovely, charming, Kathās., Bhām.; elegant (as composition), W.; m. Vitex Negundo, L.; Andropogon Schonanthus, L.; the resin of Gossampinus Rumphii, L.; N. of a serpentdemon, MBh.; of a mountain, MārkP.; m. n. and (ā), f. holy basil, Hcar., L.; (ā), f. N. of various plants (Anethum Panmori; Vitex Negundo; a kind of jasmine; = rAsnā &c.), L.; a kind of metre, Col.; (in music) a partic. Rāgiṇī, Saṃgīt.; N. of Durgā, L.; of a daughter of Daksha (wife of Kaśyapa and mother of the Nāgas), MBh., R. &c.; of an Apsaras, MBh., Hariv.; of a daughter of Raudrāśva, Hariv.; of a river, Pur.; (ī), f. a partic. plant, Vāgbh.; n. (only, L.) resin; fragrant grass; gum-myrrh; Cassia bark; -saMgraha, m. N. of wk.; -sāgraja n. (prob.) = next, Suśr.; -sāgraNī, m. white basil, L.; -sācchada, m. (prob.) the leaf of the white basil, Suśr.; -sāSTa n. a collective N. of 8 plants (viz. Nirguṇṭī, Tulasī, Brāhmī &c.), L.

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