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 Plant namecitraka
 Latin namePlumbago indica L. - please click to view full record
 Latin name (synonyms)Plumbago rosea L.
 Sanskrit namecitraka, dahana
 Hindi namelālcitrā, raktacitrā
 Tamil nameceṅkoṭi vēli, cittiramūlam
 Malayalam namekoṭuvēl, cettikkoṭuvēli, cuvannakoṭuvēli
 English nameFire plant, Rosy-flowered leadwort
 Search occurrencecitraka, dahana, in the Pandanus database of Sanskrit e-texts
 Encyclopedias &

Monier-Williams: A Sanskrit-English Dictionary (p. 397)
citraka, m. a painter, L.; = -tra-kAya, MBh. vii, 1320 (cillaka, C), Pañcat.; a kind of snake, Suśr. v, 4, 33; (in alg.); the 8th unknown quantity; Plumbago zeylanica, i, 38; iv; Ricinus communis, L.; N. of a son (of Vṛishṇi or Pṛiśni, Hariv.; of Dhṛita-rāṣṭra, MBh. i, 2740); of a Nāga, L., Sch.; (pl.) of a people, ii, 1804; n. a mark (only ifc. 'marked or characterised by' TBr. i, 1, 9, 5, Sch..); a sectarial mark on the forehead, L.; a painting, Hariv. 7074; a particular manner of fighting (cf. -tra-hasta), 15979 (v.l. cakraka) [397,3]; N. of a wood near the mountain Raivataka, 8952.

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