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Premna serratifolia L. in Pandanus database of Indian plant names
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  Premna serratifolia L. details in Pandanus database of Indian plant names

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 Latin namePremna serratifolia L.
 Identified with (Lat)Premna obtusifolia R.Br.
 Identified with (Skt)agnimantha
 Identified with (Hin)arnī, agetā
 Identified with (Tam)muññai, pacumuññai
 Identified with (Mal)muñña, mūñña
 Botanical infoA large shrub or small tree up to 9 m high, growing in the plains throughout India, leaves simple, opposite, flowers small, greenish yellow or greenish white with strong odour, fruits globose drupes
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 Encyclopedias &

Monier-Williams: A Sanskrit-English Dictionary (p. 5)
agnimantha, mfn. producing fire by friction; m. Premna Spinosa, Suśr.

Tamil Lexicon, University of Madras (p. 2401)
pacumuṉṉai: Headache-tree, s. tr., Premna integrifolia

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