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  amṛtā details in Pandanus database of Indian plant names

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 Plant nameamṛtā
 Latin nameTinospora cordifolia Miers - please click to view full record
 Sanskrit nameguḍūcī, amṛtā
 Hindi namegulāñcā, giloy, amṛtā
 Tamil nameamurutavaḷḷi, ciṉtilikkoṭi
 Malayalam nameciṟṟamṛtu, amṛtu
 English nameGulancha tinospora, Tinospora
 Search occurrenceguḍūcī, amṛtā, amṛtā, in the Pandanus database of Sanskrit e-texts
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Monier-Williams: A Sanskrit-English Dictionary (p. 82)
amṛta, (cf., Pāṇ. 6-2, 116), mfn. not dead, MBh.; immortal, RV. &c.; imperishable, RV., VS.; beautiful, beloved, L.; m. an immortal, a god, RV. &c.; N. of Śiva; of Vishṇu, MBh. xiii; of Dhanvantari, L.; the plant Phaseolus Trilobus Ait.; the root of a plant, L.; (ā), f. a goddess, RV. &c.; spirituous liquor, L.; Emblica Officinalis, Terminalia Citrina Roxb., Cocculus Cordifolius, Piper Longum, Ocymum Sanctum; N. of the mother of Parikshit, MBh. i, 3794; of Dākshāyaṇī, MatsyaP.; of a sister of Amṛitodana, Buddh.; of a river, Hcat.; of the first kalā of the moon, BrahmaP.; (am) n. collective body of immortals, RV.; world of immortality, heaven, eternity, RV., VS., AV.; (also āni n. pl., RV. i, 72, 1 and iii, 38, 4); immortality, RV.; final emancipation, L.; the nectar (conferring immortality, produced at the churning of the ocean), ambrosia, RV. (or the voice compared to it, N., Ragh.); nectar-like food; antidote against poison, Suśr.; N. of a medicament, Śiś. ix, 36, medicament in general, Buddh.; the residue of a sacrifice (cf. amṛta-bhuj); unsolicited alms, Mn. iv, 4 and 5, water Naigh.; milk, L. clarified butter, L. (cf. pañcāmṛta), boiled rice, L.; anything sweet, a sweetmeat, R. vii, 7,3; a pear, L.; food, L., property, L.; gold, L.; quicksilver, L.; poison, L.; a particular poison, L.; a ray of light, Ragh. x, 59N. of a metre, RPrāt.; of a sacred place (in the north), Hariv. 14095, of various conjunctions of planets (supposed to confer long life), L.; the number, 'four', L.

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