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 Plant nameśālmalī
 Latin nameBombax ceiba L. - please click to view full record
 Latin name (synonyms)Bombax malabaricum DC.
 Sanskrit nameśālmalī
 Prakrit namesaṃbali, sāmali
 Hindi nameśemal, semul
 Bengali nameśimul, lāl śimul
 Tamil nameilavu, pūlā, muḷḷilavu
 Malayalam nameilavu, muḷḷilavu, elavu, pūḷamaram
 English nameRed silk cotton tree
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Monier-Williams: A Sanskrit-English Dictionary (p. 1068)
mf. (or -lī, f.; cf. śalmali) the Seemul or silk-cotton tree, Bombax heptaphyllum or Salmalia malabarica (a lofty and thorny tree with red flowers; its thorns are supposed to be used for torture in one of the hells cf. kūta-ś-, or it may stand for the N. of that hell) Mn. MBh. &c.; one of the 7 Dvīpas or great divisions of the known continent (so called from the above tree said to grow there; it is surrounded by the sea of ghee or clarified butter) MBh. Pur.; patr. of a man (f. -lyā) g. krauḍyādi; N. of a son of Avikshit MBh.; of another man descended from Agasti Hcat.; (ī) f. see below.

Monier-Williams: A Sanskrit-English Dictionary (p. 1068)
f. = śālmali (above); N. of a river in the infernal regions Mn. iv, 90; of another river R.; of one of the śaktis of Vishṇu MW.

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