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 Plant nameliṅginī
 Latin nameDiplocyclos palmatus (L.) C.Jeffrey - please click to view full record
 Latin name (synonyms)Bryonopsis laciniosa (L.) Naudin
 Sanskrit nameliṅginī
 Hindi nameśivaliṅgī, īśvaraliṅgī
 Tamil nameaiviralikkōvai, civaliṅkakkāy
 Malayalam nameneyyuṇṇi, śivaliṅgakkāya, neyyuṛuṇi, aiviralikkōva, śivavaḷḷi
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Monier-Williams: A Sanskrit-English Dictionary (p. 902)
liṅgin, mfn. having a mark or sign, wearing a distinguishing mark; (ifc.) having the marks or appearance of, characterized by, Mn.; MBh. &c.; bearing false marks or signs, a hypocrite, (ifc.) only having the appearance or acting the part of ib. (cf. dvija-l°); having a right to wear signs or badges, one whose external appearance corresponds, with his inner character, ib.; having a subtle body, BhP.; m. a Brāhman of a partic. order, religious student, ascetic, MBh.; Kāv. &c.; pl. "possessing or furnished with a Liṅga", N. of a Śaiva sect (see liṅga-vat), Col.; "sustaining the Liṅga or Pradhāna", N. of Parameśvara, LiṅgaP.; (in logic) = vyāpaka, that which possesses an invariable characteristic mark (as in the proposition "there is fire because there is smoke", fire is the liṅgin; cf. IW. 62); original source or germ, Kap.; Sch.; an elephant, L.; (inī) f. a female ascetic, Daśar.; a species of plant, L.

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