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 Plant namearka
 Latin nameCalotropis gigantea (L.) Ait. - please click to view full record
 Latin name (synonyms)Asclepias gigantea L.
 Sanskrit namearka
 Hindi nameāk, madār
 Bengali nameākanda
 Tamil nameerukku, veḷḷerukku
 Malayalam nameerukku
 English nameGigantic swallow wort, Mudar
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Monier-Williams: A Sanskrit-English Dictionary (p. 89)
arka, as, m. (√ arc), Ved. a ray, flash of lightning, RV. &c.; the sun, RV. &c.; (hence) the number 'twelve,' Sūryas.; Sunday; fire, RV. ix, 50, 4, ŚBr. BṛĀrUp.; crystal, R. ii, 94, 6; membrum viriIe, AV. vi, 72, 1; copper, L.; the plant Calotropis Gigantea (the larger leaves are used for sacrificial ceremonies; cf. arka-kośī, -parNa, palāśa, &c. below), ŚBr. &c., a religious ceremony, ŚBr.; BṛĀrUp. (cf. arkāśvamedha below); praise hymn, song (also said of the roaring of the Maruts and of Indra's thunder), RV. & AV.; one who praises, a singer, RV.; N. of Indra L.; a learned man (cf. RV. viii, 63, 6), L. [89,2]; an elder brother, L.; N. of a physician, BrahmaP. (cf. arka-cikitsā below); (as, am) m. n. (with agneḥ, indrasya, gautamasaḥ, &c.) N. of different Sāmans; food, Naigh. and Nir. (cf. RV. vii, 9, 2).

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