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 Plant namebāṇa
 Latin nameTephrosia purpurea (L.) Pers. - please click to view full record
 Sanskrit nameśarapuṅkha, bāṇa, bāṇapuṅkha
 Hindi namesarphoṃkā
 Tamil namekāṭṭukkoḻuñci
 Malayalam namekoḻiññil, kāṭṭamari, koḻuva, koṭikkoḻiññil
 English nameWild indigo, Purple tephrosia
 Search occurrenceśarapuṅkha, bāṇa, bāṇapuṅkha, in the Pandanus database of Sanskrit e-texts
 Encyclopedias &

Monier-Williams: A Sanskrit-English Dictionary (p. 727)
bāṇa or vāṇa (RV.), bāṇa (AV.; later more usually vāṇa, q.v.), m. a reed-shaft, shaft made of a reed, an arrow, RV. &c. &c.; N. of the number five (from the 5 arrows of Kāma-deva; cf. pañca-b°), Sūryas.; Sāh.; the versed sine of an arc, Gaṇit.; a mark for arrows, aim, BhP.; a partic. part of an arrow, L.; Saccharum Sara or a similar species of reed, Bhpr.; the udder of a cow (vāṇa RV. iv, 24, 9), L.; music (for vāṇa), AV. x, 2, 17 = kevala,; N. of an Asura (a, son of Bali, an enemy of Vishṇu and favourite of Śiva), MBh.; Pur.; of one of Skanda’s attendants, MBh.; of a king, Hariv.; (also -bhaṭṭa) of a poet (the author of the Kādambarī, of the Harsha-carita, and perhaps of the Ratnāvalī), Cat.; of a man of low origin, Rājat.; m. (Śiś) or (ā), f. (L.) a blue-flowering Barleria; (ā), f. the hind part or feathered end of an arrow, L.; n. the flower of Barleria, Kir.; Śiś.; the body, PraśnUp.

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