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 Plant namekesara
 Latin nameCrocus sativus L. - please click to view full record
 Sanskrit namekuṅkuma, kesara
 Prakrit namekesara
 Hindi namekesar, sāphran
 Bengali namekuṅkum
 Tamil namekuṅkumappū, irattam
 Malayalam namekuṅkumappūvu, kēsaram, kuṅkumam
 English nameSaffron
 Search occurrencekuṅkuma, kesara, kesara, in the Pandanus database of Sanskrit e-texts
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Monier-Williams: A Sanskrit-English Dictionary (p. 310)
kesara, n. the hair (of the brow) VS. xix, 91; (in classical literature usually keśara) m. or n. (?), the mane (of a horse or lion) R. Śak. Pañcat. &c.; (ā) f. id. Kātyśr. (kes-); (am) n. the tail of the Bos grunniens (used as a fan for driving away flies), L.; (as, L.; am) m. n. the filament of a lotus or of any vegetable R. Suśr. Śak. &c.; a fibre (as of a Mango fruit) Suśr.; m. the plants Rottleria tinctoria, Mimusops elengi, and Mesua ferrea MBh. xiii, 5042 R. Lalit. Kum. Megh. 311,1; (am) n. the flower of those plants, L.; (as, ā, am) mf. n. Asafoetida, L.; (am) n. gold, L.; sulphate of iron, L.; N. of a metre (of 4 x 18 syllables); m. N. of a mountain MBh. vi, 11, 23; cf. Lat. caesaries; Angl. Sax. haer; Eng. hair; Germ. Haar.

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