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 Plant namepārijāta
 Latin nameErythrina variegata L. - please click to view full record
 Latin name (synonyms)Erythrina indica Lam.
 Sanskrit namepārijāta, pāribhadra
 Prakrit namepārijāya, pāriyāya, pāriya
 Hindi namepārijāt, dādāp, pharhad, paṃkārā
 Bengali namepārijāt, mandār, mādār
 Tamil namemuḷḷumuṟukku, kalyāṇamuṟukku, kiñcukam, civappumoccai
 Malayalam namemuḷmurukku, murukku
 English nameIndian coral tree
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Monier-Williams: A Sanskrit-English Dictionary (p. 620)
pārijāta, m. the coral tree, Erythrina indica (losing its leaves in June and then covered with large crimson flowers) MBh. Kāv. Suśr. &c.; the wood of this tree R.; N. of one of the 5 trees of paradise produced at the churning of the ocean and taken possession of by Indra from whom it was afterwards taken by Kṛishṇa) MBh. Kāv. &c. (cf. IW. 519); fragrance Var.; N. of sev. wks. (esp. ifc.; cf. dāna-); of a Nāga MBh.; of a Rishi ib.; of an author of Mantras (with Śiktas). Cat.; -ka m. the coral tree or its wood, Śutr. Pur.; N. of a Rishi MBh.; of other men Hcar. (-ratnākara m. N. of wk.); m. or n. N. of a drama (= -ta-karaṇa) 621,1; -maya mf(ī)n. made of flowers of the celestial Pāṇ. Kathās.; -ratnākara m. N. of wk. (prob. = -taka-ratn-); -vat mfn. possessing the celestial Pāri Hariv.; -vṛtta-kkaṇḍa n. -vyākaraṇa n. N. of wks.; -sarasvatī-mantra m. pl. N. of Partic. magical formulas Cat.; -haraṇa n. robbing the Pārijāta tree N. of chs. of Hariv. and VP., also of a comedy by Gopāla dasa; (ṇa-campū) f. N. of a poem); -tācala-māhātmya n. N. of wk.

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