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 Plant namebakula
 Latin nameMimusops elengi L. - please click to view full record
 Sanskrit namebakula
 Hindi namebakul, maulsirī
 Bengali namebakul
 Tamil namealaku, ilañci, makiḻam
 Malayalam nameilaññi, elaññi
 English nameBullet-wood tree, Elengi tree, Indian medlar
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Monier-Williams: A Sanskrit-English Dictionary (p. 719)
bakula, m. (also written vakula) a kind of tree, Mimusops elengi (said to put forth blossoms when sprinkled with nectar from the mouth of lovely women), MBh.; Kāv. &c.; N. of Śiva, MBh. xiii, 1223; of a country, Buddh.; (ā) f. Helleborus niger, L.; (ī) f. a kind of drug, L.; n. the fragrant flower of Mimusops elengi, MBh.; Kāv. &c.

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