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 Plant namekaravīra
 Latin nameNerium oleander L. - please click to view full record
 Latin name (synonyms)Nerium odorum Sol., Nerium odoratum Lam., Nerium indicum Mill., Nerium verecundum Salisb.
 Sanskrit namekaravīra
 Prakrit namekaṇavīra
 Hindi namekaner, karber, karuvīrā
 Bengali namekarabī, raktakarabī
 Tamil namearaḷi, iraṭṭai civapparaḷi, cevvalari, veḷḷai araḷi
 Malayalam namearaḷi, kaṇavīram, karavīram
 English nameIndian oleander, Sweet-scented oleander
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Monier-Williams: A Sanskrit-English Dictionary (p. 253)
m. Oleander (Nerium odorum) MBh. Suśr. Mṛicch. VarBṛS.; a species of Soma Suśr. ii, 164, 15; a sword, L.; a particular spell (for recovering a missile of mystic properties after its discharge) R.; the thumb; a cemetery, L.; N. of a Nāga MBh. i, 1557; of a Daitya, L.; of a town on the river Veṇvā (founded by Padma-varṇa) Hariv. 5230 (cf. kara-vīra-pura below); of a town on the river Dṛishadvati (the residence of Candraśekhara) KapS.; of a mountain BhP.; (ā) f. red arsenic, L.; (ī) f. a woman who has borne a son, a mother, L.; a good cow, L.; N. of Aditi T.; (am) n. the flower of Oleander, L.; -kandasaṃjña m. a species of onion; a bulb (= tailakanda), L.; -karambhin n. N. of a wood Hariv. 8954 (v.l. karavīrākara); -pura n. N. of a town founded by Padma-varṇa (cf. karavīra) MBh.; -bhujā f. Cajanus indicus, L.; -bhūṣā f. = -bhujā T.; -māhātmya n. N. of wk.; -vrata n. a certain rite; --r kara n. N. of a wood Hariv.

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