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Pandanus is a biannual peer-reviewed international journal publishing original research papers in English on nature symbolism in Literature, Art, Myth and Ritual. It has a regional focus on South Asia but welcomes papers from other regions. The journal is the outcome of the Pandanus project, based at the Institute of South and Central Asian Studies, Seminar of Indian Studies, Philosophical Faculty, Charles University in Prague. Pandanus volumes started coming out in 1998 on an annual basis as a result of co-operation between three Universities ... please click here to read the full text of Pandanus Mission Statement.

Pandanus is indexed by ERIH PLUS.
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Pandanus ’98: Flowers, Nature, Semiotics – Kavya and Sangam.
Edited by J. Vacek and B. Knotková-Čapková.
Signeta, Prague 1999, 180 pp.
ISBN 80-902608-1-0

Reviewed by Cinzia Pieruccini, in: East and West 50, 1-4, December 2000, pp. 596-597.

Papers presented to the international workshop (besides Charles University, participants from the Universities of Milano and Leipzig – see the list of papers) in May 1998, discussing natural symbolism, in particular flowers, and semiotics in classical Indian literature with an accent on Kavya (Sanskrit and Prakrit) and Sangam (Old Tamil) Literatures. Supported by a grant of the Czech Grant Agency GAČR.

  • G. Boccali: Rain Poems and the Genesis of Kávya
  • J. Dvořák: Neem and Camppaka in Classical Indian Literatures
  • B. Knotková-Čapková: Some Remarks on Literary Analysis of the Symbolical Patterns in Ancient Tamil Poetry
  • B. Kolver: Ambiguities, Polysemy, and Identifications
  • G. Pellegrini: Sattasaí and pálai poems of Ainkurunúru
  • J. Vacek: A Neytal Feature to Be Found in the Meghadúta?
  • J. Čejka: Plants in Kávya Poetry: Problems with Plant-Names

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Pandanus Publications
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