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Pandanus '09 - International Seminar on Nature in Literature, Art, Myth and Ritual
Supported by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations ( ICCR  )
Indian Council for Cultural Relations
Scientific committee:

Giuliano Boccali

Chettiarthodi Rajendran

Lidia Sudyka

Danuta Stasik

Jaroslav Vacek


Martin Hříbek


Preliminary Program of Pandanus ‘09
Thursday June 4, 2009

14.00 Opening Remarks: Jaroslav Vacek

14:05-16:45 Afternoon session


Celestial vs. Terrestrial

Mimma Congedo: The geometry of nature: Cosmos and Divine in the Śrī-cakra according to the Yoginī-hṛdaya

Gyula Wojtilla: Heavenly Gardens

Marek Mejor: ‘The Vision of Paradise’ in Aśvaghoṣa’s Saundarananda, Canto Ten

Lidia Sudyka: Descriptions of the gardens in Sanskrit literature – the case of the Sarvadevavilāsa

Bruno Lo Turco: The construction of nature: Ṛṣis and Kavis

Manjubhash Mitra: Nature as a background in Vaiṣṇava poetry

Joanna Kusio: The symbolism of nature and vegetation in the mythology of the goddess Māriyammaṉ


18.00 Official opening

Jaroslav Vacek – welcome

H.E. D.P. Srivastava, Ambassador of India

Michal Stehlík, Dean of the Philosophical Faculty

Neeru Misra, Indian Council for Cultural Relations

Giuliano Boccali, University of Milano

Lidia Sudyka, University of Krakow

Danuta Stasik, University of Warsaw


19.00 Dinner Reception

Special thanks:

Indian Jewel - A culinary passage to India


Friday June 5, 2009

09:00-12:20 Morning session



V. Arasu: Landscape and rituals in Eṭṭuttokai

Alexander Dubyanskiy: Once more on the pālai-theme in old Tamil poetry

Tatiana Dubyanskaya: Charmed by the Green Valley. Landscape in Hindi romances of the 19th century

Sabrina Ciolfi: Conventional landscapes: Identity and romance in contemporary Hindi popular cinema

Danuta Stasik: Tulsīdās's Forest: The Forest Book of the Rāmcaritmānas


Literary images – interpretations

Tiziana Pontillo: Late Vedic rūpakas based on nature imagery: ritual identifications as a sort of alaṃkāra-pattern

Chettiarthodi Rajendran: The snow did not destroy his glory – Kālidāsa’s perceptions of Himālaya

Klara Gönc Moačanin: Flora in Kālidāsa’s dramas

Paola M. Rossi: The forest of meditation: poetry and desire in the Buddhist Thera- and Therī-gāthās


12:45 Lunch

14:20-16:40 Afternoon session


Daniela Rossella: Nature and inner peace in the Theragāthās

Giuliano Boccali: Sattasaī, between nature and court poetry

Eva Wilden: Fidelity Worthy of Jasmine: Meta-Poetic Games in Caṅkam Poetry

Martin Hříbek: Flowery images of the rainy season in Rabīndrasaṅgīt


Saturday June 6, 2009

09:00-12:20 Morning session


Animated Nature

Elena Mucciarelli: Non-realistic image of animals in the Ṛgvedasaṃhitā: a glance into the hymns of Dīrghatamas (RV 1.140–164)

Anna Trynkowska: Army animals in mahākāvya literature

Ulrike Niklas: Callikkaṭṭu – Embracing the Bull, the Tamil Way

Jaroslav Vacek: Cow (ā, āṉ) in Sangam literature – select images and formulas

Gautam Chakrabarti: Sacralised sparrows: ambient nature-images in Ambai’s ‘Oeuvre’


Art and Sculpture

Adalbert Gail: Snake and garland - the Indian provenance of an important motif in the architecture of Angkor

Cinzia Pieruccini: Images of kings and ascetics in Indian art, from early Buddhist to Mughal

Cristina Bignami: The tree and women's motif in Hoysala sculpture

Natalia R. Lidova: The genesis of the concept of four lokapālas

Neeru Misra: Nature in Sursagar Literature and Paintings


12:45 Lunch

14:20-16:00 Afternoon session


Human body

Dagmar Marková: Two Hindi women writers on a very intimate theme: rajasvalā

Hana Waisserová: Body, Nature and Roots in Arundhati Roy's The God of Small Things



Oliver Hellwig: The arrangement of plant names in Sanskrit dictionaries

Jean-Luc Chevillard: Contrastive study of the use of the ammuc cāriyai with plant names as prescribed by ilakkaṇam and as seen in ilakkiyam


16:00-16:30 Discussion


19.00 Farewell Party





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