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 Plant namepriyaṅgu
 Latin nameCallicarpa macrophylla Vahl - please click to view full record
 Sanskrit namepriyaṅgu, phalinī
 Hindi namepriyaṅgu, ḍaiyā
 Tamil namenāḻal
 Malayalam nameñāḻal
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Monier-Williams: A Sanskrit-English Dictionary (p. 711)
priyaṅgu mf. panic seed, Panicum Italicum, VS., TS. Br., Kauś.; Aglaia Odorata, L.; Sinapis Ramosa, MBh., Kathās.; long pepper, L.; a medicinal plant and perfume (commonly called Priyaṅgu and described in some places as a fragrant seed), L.; a partic. creeper (said to put forth blossoms at the touch of women), MBh., Kāv. &c.; Italian millet MW.; n. (prob.) panic seed or mustard seed, Suśr., Bhpr.; saffron, L.

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