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 Plant namebimbī
 Latin nameCoccinia grandis Voiqt - please click to view full record
 Latin name (synonyms)Cephalandra indica Naudin
 Sanskrit namebimbī, bimbikā
 Hindi namebimb, kānturi
 Tamil namekōvai
 Malayalam namekōva, kōval
 English nameIvy gourd
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Monier-Williams: A Sanskrit-English Dictionary (p. 731)
bimba, m. n. (also written vimba, or vimva, of doubtful origin, but cf. Uṇ. iv, 95, Sch.; ifc., f. ā) the disk of the sun or moon, Kāv., Pur. &c.; any disk, sphere, orb (often applied to the rounded parts of the body), Kālid., Pañcat.; a mirror ŚvetUp., Kum.; an image, shadow, reflected or represented form, picture, type, R., BhP., Rājat.; (in rhet.) the object compared (as opp. to prati-bimba, 'the counterpart' to which it is compared) Sāh. Pratāp.; m. a lizard, chameleon Gaut.; N. of a man, Rājat.; (ā), f. Momordica Monadelpha (a plant bearing a bright-red gourd), L.; N. of 2 metres, Col.; N. of the wife of Bālāditya (king of Kaśmīra), Rājat.; (ī), f. Momordica Monadelpha, Sulr. (cf. g. gaurādi); N. of the mother of king Bimbi-sāra (below), Buddh.; n. the fruit of the Momordica Monadelpha (to which the lips of women are often compared), MBh., Kāv. &c.

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