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Flacourtia indica Merr. in Pandanus database of Indian plant names
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  Flacourtia indica Merr. details in Pandanus database of Indian plant names

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 Latin nameFlacourtia indica Merr.
 Identified with (Lat)Flacourtia ramontchi L'Hér.
 Identified with (Skt)aghorī
 Identified with (Hin)kāñcū, bilānagrā
 Identified with (Tam)cottaikkalā, mālukkārai
 Identified with (Mal)aghōrī, muḷḷuḷḷakaṭṭa
 Identified with (Eng)Governor's plum, Madagascar plum
 Botanical infoA small deciduous thorny shrub, leaves simple, elliptic, flowers greenish yellow, in short tomentose racemes, fruits globose, dark purple drupes with juicy pulp and hard endocarp, growing all over India in scrub forests and rocky hills
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 Encyclopedias &

Monier-Williams: A Sanskrit-English Dictionary (p. 7)
aghora, mfn. not terrific, m. a euphemistic title of Śiva; a worshipper of Śiva and Durgā; (ā), f. the fourteenth day of the dark half of Bhādra, which is sacred to Śiva.

Tamil Lexicon, University of Madras (p. 1651)
cottaikkalā: 1. Bushy roundish-leaved sweet thorn, Flacourtia sepiaria; 2. Ceylon plum, Flacourtia ramontchisapida; 3. Lovilovi of Ceylon,, Flacourtia inermis

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