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  aśoka details in Pandanus database of Indian plant names

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 Plant nameaśoka
 Latin nameSaraca asoca (Roxb.) De Wilde - please click to view full record
 Latin name (synonyms)Saraca indica L.
 Sanskrit nameaśoka
 Hindi nameaśok
 Tamil nameacōkam
 Malayalam nameaśōkam
 English nameAshoka
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Monier-Williams: A Sanskrit-English Dictionary (p. 113)
aśoka 1, mf(ā)n. (1. śuc), not causing sorrowN., Lalit.; not feeling sorrow Nalod.; m. the tree Jonesia Asoka Roxb. (a tree of moderate size belonging to the leguminous class with magnificent red flowers), MBh. &c.; N. of a minister of king Daśaratha, R. i, 7, 3; of a well-known king (in Pāṭaliputra), MBh., Buddh. &c.; (ā), f. N. of a medicinal plant, L.; a female name, (g. śubhrādi q.v.); N. of one of the female deities of the Jainas, L.; (am) n. the blossom of the Aśoka plant Vikr., (cf., Pāṇ. 4-3, 166 Siddh.); quicksilver, L.

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