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 Plant namepāṭalā
 Latin nameStereospermum colais (Buch.-Ham. ex Dillwyn) Mabb. - please click to view full record
 Latin name (synonyms)Stereospermum personatum (Hassk.) Chatterjee, Bignonia suaveolens Roxb.
 Sanskrit namepāṭalā
 Hindi nameparāl, pāṭar, pādrī
 Tamil namepātiri, pūmpātiri
 Malayalam namepūppātiri, pātiri
 English nameTrumpet flower tree, Yellow snake tree
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Monier-Williams: A Sanskrit-English Dictionary (p. 615)
pāṭala, mf(ā)n. pale red, pink, pallid, Kauś., Var., Kāv.; (f. ī) made of the Pāṭalī or forming a part of it g. bilvādi; m. a pale red hue, rose colour, Rājat.; Bignonia Suaveolens (the tree bearing the trumpet-flower), MBh., Kāv. &c.; a species of rice ripening in the rains, Suśr.; Rottleria Tinctoria, L.; N. of a man, Rājat.; (ā), f. Bignonia Suaveolens, Kāv.; red Lodhra, L.; a kind of fresh water fish, Suśr.; a form of Durgā Tantras.; of Dālkshāyaṇī, MatsyaP.; n. the trumpet-flower (also ā, f.), MBh., Kāv. &c.; saffron, L.

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