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 Plant namevṛddhi
 Latin nameOchyrorchis intermedia (D.Don) Szlach. - please click to view full record
 Latin name (synonyms)Habenaria intermedia D.Don, Kryptostoma intermedium (D.Don) Olszewski & Szlach.
 Sanskrit namevṛddhi
 Hindi namevṛddhi
 Tamil namevṟutti
 Malayalam namevṛddhi
 Search occurrencevṛddhi, in the Pandanus database of Sanskrit e-texts
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Monier-Williams: A Sanskrit-English Dictionary (p. 1010f.)
vṛddhi, 1 f. cutting off, abscission, W.; (in law) forfeiture, deduction, ib.
vṛddhi, 2 f. growth, increase, augmentation, rise, advancement, extension, welfare, prosperity, success, fortune, happiness, RV. &c. &c.; elevation (of ground), VarBṛS.; prolongation (of life), Pañcat.; swelling (of the body), Suśr.; enlargement of the scrotum (either from swelled testicle or hydrocele), ib.; swelling or rising (of the sea or of the waters), waxing (of the moon), MBh.; gain, profit, R.; Subh.; profit from lending money &c., usury, interest, Mn.; Yājñ.; MBh. (the various kinds of interest recognized by Hindū lawyers are, 1. kāyikā vṛddhi, "body-interest", i.e. either the advantage arising from the body of an animal pledged as security for a loan, or interest paid repeatedly without reducing the body or principal; 2. kālikā v°, "timeinterest", i.e. payable weekly, monthly, annually, &c., but most usually computed by the month; 3. cakra v°, "wheel-interest" i.e. interest upon interest, compound interest; 4. kāritā v°, "stipulated interest", at a rate higher than the usual legal rate; 5. śikhā v°, "interest growing like a lock of hair", i.e. at a usurious rate payable daily [1011,2]; 6. bhoga-lābha, "advantage [accruing to a creditor] from the use" of objects handed over to him as security e.g. of lands, gardens, animals, &c.: "lawful interest" is called dharma-v°, "usurious interest" a-nyāya-v°, "interest at the highest legal rate" parama-v°), IW. 264; the second modification or increase of vowels (to which they are subject under certain conditions, e.g. ā is the Vṛddhi of the vowel a; ai of i, ī, and e; au of u, ū, and o; cf. 2. vṛddha and kṛta-vṛddhi), Vprāt.; Pāṇ.; Rājat.; Sarvad.; one of the 8 principal drugs (described as mild, cooling &c.; and a remedy for phlegm. leprosy, and worms), Suśr.; Bhpr.; N. of the 11th of the astrological Yogas (or the Yoga star of the 11th lunar mansion), L.; = vṛddhi-śrāddha, GṛS.; m. (with bhaṭṭa) N. of a poet, Cat.

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