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 Plant nameśrāvaṇī
 Latin nameSphaeranthus indicus L. - please click to view full record
 Latin name (synonyms)Sphaeranthus hirtus Willd.
 Sanskrit namemuṇḍī, śrāvaṇī
 Hindi namemuṇḍī
 Tamil namekoṭṭakkarantai, viṣṇukkarantai
 Malayalam nameaṭakkāmaṇiyan
 English nameEast Indian globe-thistle
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Monier-Williams: A Sanskrit-English Dictionary (p. 1097)
śrāvaṇa 1 mfn. relating to or perceived by the ear, audible MārkP. (cf. Pāṇ. 2-2 , 92 Sch.); taught or enjoined in the Veda (cf. śrauta), MBh. iii, 100, 75; m. a heretic, L.; N. of a Muni, Cat. ; (ā and ī), f. N. of various plants, Suśr. ; n. causing to be heard, announcing, proclaiming, MBh.; Pañcat.; knowledge derived from hearing, MW.

śrāvaṇī f. (cf. under 1. śrāvaṇa) the day of full-moon in the month Śrāvaṇa, GṛŚrS.; Mn.; Rājñ. &c.; a partic. Pāka-yajña, Gaut.

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