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sruvavṛkṣa in Pandanus database of Indian plant names
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 Plant namesruvavṛkṣa
 Latin nameFlacourtia jangomas (Lour.) Raeus. - please click to view full record
 Latin name (synonyms)Flacourtia cataphracta Roxb.
 Sanskrit namevikaṅkata, sruvavṛkṣa
 Hindi namepāniyālā, pāniyāmalak
 Bengali nametāli
 Tamil namevaiyyaṅkārai, caralaṅkā
 Malayalam namevaiyyaṅkata, vayyaṅkataku
 English namePuneala plum, Spiked flacourtia
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 Encyclopedias &

Monier-Williams: A Sanskrit-English Dictionary (p. 1274)
sruva, m. (cf. sruc) a small wooden ladle (with a double extremity, or two oval collateral excavations, used for pouring clarified melted butter into the large ladle or Sruk [see sruc]; sometimes also employed instead of the latter in libations) RV. &c. &c.; a sacrifice, oblation L.; (ā) f. see below.
sruvā, f. the ladle called Sruva L.; Sanseviera Roxburghiana L.; Boswellia Thurifera L.
sruvāvṛkṣa, m. the tree Sruvā L.

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