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Pandanus is a biannual peer-reviewed international journal publishing original research papers in English on nature symbolism in Literature, Art, Myth and Ritual. It has a regional focus on South Asia but welcomes papers from other regions. The journal is the outcome of the Pandanus project, based at the Institute of South and Central Asian Studies, Seminar of Indian Studies, Philosophical Faculty, Charles University in Prague. Pandanus volumes started coming out in 1998 on an annual basis as a result of co-operation between three Universities ... please click here to read the full text of Pandanus Mission Statement.

Pandanus is indexed by ERIH PLUS.
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Pandanus ’06. Nature in Literature and Ritual.
Edited by J. Vacek.
Charles University, Faculty of Arts and TRITON. Prague 2006, 322 pp.
ISBN 80-7254-899-9


An international volume of papers on nature in classical and modern Indian literature (Sanskrit, Tamil, Hindi), in Indian ritual, and in Czech literature (O. Březina).


  • Mimma Congedo: The interpretation of natural elements as metaphysical symbols in the aesthetics of Ananda K. Coomaraswamy
  • Gyula Wojtilla: On some natural devices describing female beauty in Sanskrit poetry
  • Lidia Sudyka: Passion of the indigo colour
  • Daniela Rossella: Wonderful India: interior and outer landscapes in Indian classical poetry
  • David Smith: Animality and related realms of being in Bāṇa's Kādambarī
  • Anna Bonisoli Alquati: Description of the dawn in Raghuvaṃśa
  • Anna Trynkowska: The description of sunrise in Māgha’s Śiśupālavadha XI, 43–67
  • Cinzia Pieruccini: Descriptions of forests in the Rāmāyaṇa
  • Chettiarthodi Rajendran: Encountering the forest: Kālidāsa’s perceptions on hunting
  • Camillo Alessio Formigatti: A description of the ocean in Buddhist poetic literature: Āryaśūra's Supāragajātaka and its sources
  • Tiziana Pontillo: The names of fruits, roots and flowers included in Kālidāsa’s works and the Aṣṭādhyāyī rules IV,3,163–167 with their commentaries
  • Jaroslav Vacek: The dog in Sangam literature – as a part of the description of nature
  • Eva Wilden: Agricultural metaphors in Sangam literature
  • Danuta Stasik: Love throughout the year. Descriptions of the seasons and the twelve months of the year according to Keśavdās’ Kavi-priyā
  • Stefania Cavaliere: Devoutness and refinement. A description of seasons in Tulasīdāsa’s Rāmacaritamānasa and Keśavadāsa’s Rāmacandrikā
  • Dagmar Marková: Fog and rain in Hindi New Short Story
  • Martin Hříbek: Flowers in Rabῑndrasaṅgῑt
  • Petr Duda: Flowers in Hindu ritual literature
  • Petr Holman: Trees in the poetic works of Otokar Březina

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Pandanus Publications
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