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Woodfordia fruticosa Kurz in Pandanus database of Indian plant names
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  Woodfordia fruticosa Kurz details in Pandanus database of Indian plant names

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 Latin nameWoodfordia fruticosa Kurz
 Identified with (Lat)Woodfordia floribunda Salisb.
 Identified with (Skt)dhātakī, madanīyahetu
 Identified with (Hin)dāvi, tāvi, dhāy
 Identified with (Tam)tāttari, jārkī, veḷakkāy
 Identified with (Mal)tātiri, tātirippū
 Identified with (Eng)Fire-flame bush, Shiranjitea, Woodfordia
 Botanical infoA deciduous shrub growing throughout India, 3 - 7 m high, leaves simple, opposite, entire, with black dots on the undersurface, flowers numerous, red in dense axillary clusters, fruits ellipsoid, seeds obovoid, brown
 Search occurrencedhātakī, madanīyahetu, in the Pandanus database of Sanskrit e-texts
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 Encyclopedias &

Monier-Williams: A Sanskrit-English Dictionary (p. 514)
dhātaki, m. N. of one of the 2 sons of Vīti-hotra Praiyavrata (king of a Varsha of Pushkara-dvīpa), Pur.; (ī), f. Grislea Tomentosa, Suśr.

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